Care Packages

Whenever I miss Q a lot , well that’s unfair to say since I miss him a lot everyday, but whenever I have the feeling in my heart that just aches, when I just want to be able to call or email or text and get a response, I decide to make a package or write a letter. Because then I can put all of my feelings and my love and sadness and missing into a letter or into something thoughtful.

Sunday was one of those days… so I went to Target and did this…

(yes the Chobani greek yogurt is for me… can’t ship yogurt to the desert unfortunately).

So I came home and started creating boxes. They have these great APO boxes that the Post Office provides that save about $2 a package. And when you send a package a week that all adds up.

*And I am going to split all this stuff into way more than 3 boxes, but had to spread it out in my room to see all the goodies I’m going to send.

So yes, after a shopping spree at Target and unpacking grocery bags and repacking boxes, I feel better. And miss him just as much, but the aching stops for just a few minutes and it feels better.



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3 responses to “Care Packages

  1. Ken

    Where is the Spam?!!!!!!! Man cannot live without spam..especially while fighting in the middle of the desert…how is he supposed to make musubi’s???? If you want I can send the required supplies to you for an upcoming care package… UK

  2. Brandon

    These care packages are beyond. I really think you need to bring one to work for me and Allie to show how much you care about our well-being. It’s necessary.

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