I love Sundays!

Today was GORGEOUS – it rained early this morning at around 5 (I know this because the dogs slept with me tonight and woke me up every hour on the hour). It was clear and beautiful out and such a nice day to have nothing planned, but the desire to be outside.

Pretty Sunday

So I put on my pretty toesocks and went to Pilates followed by a brutal 3 mile run. I thought I would enjoy it since it was so nice outside, but it was every bit as painful as I thought it would be.


And now it’s clean out the closet time, nap time , making brown rice stir fry for dinner and then going out to movie night (going to see THOR)! Yay for  productive and exciting Sunday!



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2 responses to “I love Sundays!

  1. Stephanie

    We like you!!!! You’re so cute – love the blog. Put up a recipe of that dessert dish you made for the Thanksgiving potluck 🙂

    Love you,
    Steph and Jess

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