No gym = Sluggish

I couldn’t make it to the gym this morning due to an early morning dentist appointment, and seriously needed 3 cups of these to keep me awake:

mmm french press coffee

(and yes that’s an US Weekly in the background… for work…) It’s so interesting how breaking a routine makes me feel tired. I guess the gym really gives me that extra boost of energy.

In other news…

Today my best friend Ashlee and I planned a trip to New York. Or rather Ashlee planned a trip to New York for work and I decided to join in and crash her trip. I am SO excited as I haven’t been to New York in over a year and a half! I used to go at least once every 3 months or so for work, but since changing jobs haven’t had a chance to go. We have so many friends there and it will be a nice little trip (and take my mind off of missing Q so much).

Very excited to trade these:

Flip Flops

For these:


And yes I know it is normally people wanting to trade rain boots for flip flops, but I am THAT excited to visit NY. (Special shout out to Quincy who bought me my blue rain boots for Christmas!)

Also, I’m in the middle of planning out what goodies I am going to cook/bake this weekend… My mom is back, so I will have to be a bit more daring as I have her to lean on when things get tricky (which is pretty much always- I mean who knew that you had to cream butter and sugar before adding any other ingredients when baking cookies…)



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3 responses to “No gym = Sluggish

  1. Ashlee

    Woo so excited for our New York trip! Going to be epic!

  2. sunstan

    Enjoyed the post! Yup, let’s get that oven fired up for the weekend.

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