“The Tasting Box”

We (as in my mom and I) decided to try out this new “Tasting Box” idea that is offered on

“The Tasting Box” is a monthly subscription service where every month the site sends you a mix of their artisan products in single-size servings in a box. It’s $20 a month including shipping (totally worth it, because let’s be honest, who doesn’t love getting random packages delivered?). We thought what the heck, $20, why not? We got our May tasting box today:

This box had two caramels and two types of biscotti (definitely trying these first)…two packs of salts, a package of roasted seaweed (sort of like this one at Trader Joe’s), dried pineapple, iced tea bags and a recipe for a roast chicken and potatoes. 

Everything looks delicious and it was a fun surprise package. Honestly I am pretty “treat”-ed out today after those S’mores Cookies from last night… Yes they were even better when I had them for breakfast this morning. So I will let you know how the biscotti and caramels are tomorrow once my sugar level has flattened out. And if I feel healthy I’ll let you know how the seaweed is too (obviously I am planning on stuffing it with white rice to make a fake sushi roll…so maybe not that healthy…).



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