Koko Makes Dinner Take 2

Dinner time at the Stanleys and I was in charge tonight. I made teriyaki salmon, green beans and brown rice, and guess what? It was delicious! Success!

I started with this gorgeous piece of salmon which I got at the Farmer’s Market on Monday. It is so fresh that it hardly needs any additional flavor, but I did add some homemade teriyaki sauce (you can easily use store bought).

Salmon from the Farmer's Market

This goes in the oven at 425 degrees for 20 minutes in a glass pyrex. (Your cooking time may vary depending on the thickness of your salmon a few minutes more or less.)

For the green beans, I put a handful in the steamer (we have the All Clad one) and let them steam out for 15 minutes (no extras needed = easy!):

Green Beans

And then I put some brown rice in the microwave (we had some last night with dinner) and voila:


And then the best part of the whole meal was dessert! Fresh pound cake my mom baked this morning. I started to nibble at it while preparing dinner and then after my hard work I decided I deserved another piece! With cool whip! Yummy!

Pound Cake

All in all, a huge success!



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3 responses to “Koko Makes Dinner Take 2

  1. Patty

    How do you make homemade teriyaki sauce? I usually find the store bought is too sweet for my tastes…thanks!

  2. Pat Lyle

    This looks absolutely delicious!

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