Things Up My Sleeve

  • This weekend my mom and I are flying to Ann Arbor, Michigan for a good friend’s wedding. (A little lame that I am taking my mom and not Q, but figured we could make it a girls trip.) I’m excited to post about a new mom and daughter trip like when we went to Seattle. Also any suggestions on where to eat/go in Ann Arbor would be greatly appreciated!
  • I am trying to find the right baked good that will last when shipping to Afghanistan (mind you it takes a week to get there, so the cookies/brownies/cake needs to be able to last at least a week and not melt in the heat). I read about these Care Package Brownies last night. I’ll let you know if I end up going with them or trying something new. I was also thinking biscotti could work.
  • It looks like all I ever cook is salmon, so I’m going to be venturing into other types of fish/meat for the blog this week (making major steps with my cooking skills).
  • And since posts without pictures are no fun, I leave you with this cutie who was walking around the Sunday Farmer’s Market. He was just like a puppy – he let people pet him and was eating snacks from kids hands. He was fond of our cart in particular and kept trying to nibble on the carrots…
  • the baby goat likes our shopping cart


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