Summer Fridays

Start today! At my work, every Friday between Memorial Day and Labor Day  is a summer Friday, which means if you are done with your work by 2, you can leave! Even if you only get to take one or two early Fridays during the summer, it is still such a treat. And to celebrate, our office had this brought in today:

Fro Yo

Delicious! And once I got home, I couldn’t help but take advantage of the beautiful light outside and take more photos of the flowers Q sent me yesterday. The photo from my phone didn’t even begin to do them justice:


Top of the flowers

Tonight I am going down to Anaheim for the “Glee” concert with my girlfriend. Unfortunately we are leaving now to get there by 8 because of all the holiday traffic! But we have plenty of snacks and music, so we will make the most of it. And then I’m off to Ann Arbor first thing in the morning…let the weekend begin!



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