Hello Michigan

We left this morning on a 5:45AM flight which meant leaving the house at 3:30AM. I couldn’t sleep even though we miraculously got upgraded (yay Delta Silver Medallion). Or it may not not have been such a miracle because who flies out before 6AM on a holiday weekend? Anyways, we made it! And I like to think you know you’re in the Midwest when you see this within a mile of hitting the road:


We dropped our bags at the hotel and said hi to the bride and groom. And then first mission was food! Zingerman’s Deli was suggested to us by just about every person we spoke to about Ann Arbor. The line wasn’t too bad (around 20 minutes to order and another 20 until your food came). There are maybe 50 sandwiches to pick from (chicken, pork, beef, turkey, veggie). I got the chicken, pesto, mozzarella:


And my mom got the turkey, avocado, bacon.


We also got a side of wheat berry salad. It was a pretty delicious meal and highly recommended to anyone heading to Ann Arbor. I sort of want to go back tomorrow….Yummy! Now off to see more of Ann Arbor and a wine reception tonight!



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2 responses to “Hello Michigan

  1. Brian

    where is my shout out???

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