My Mom, The Fly Fisherman

A big catch

When my mom and I started to talk about our trip to Ann Arbor for the wedding, I imagined a mom/daughter shopping day, walking around the town, getting ice cream and small town things like that (being from LA this is what I imagine a weekend in a small town to be like). But when my mom heard there was great fly fishing in Ann Arbor, our plans changed… and probably for the better since I was so jet lagged and tired that I slept the majority of the time anyways. The first thing we did after renting our car was go to the local fly fishing shop so she could meet her guide. When we walked into that shop my mom’s face lit up like mine does when I walk into a J Crew store. She wandered aimlessly around the store looking at all the local fishing gear, while I fixated on the hand-tied flies. The features are so delicate, it was amazing to see the hard work that goes into them.

I thought this one would like good in my hair (like a feather)

My personal favorite (looks like a cat toy)

And there were HUNDREDS of them (these were just my favorites)

I was so in awe of all of these little handmade flies that I had to share (and I know the place to go if I want a unique hair piece). It sort of amazes me sometimes that my mother and I are related – her idea of a good day is being out on the water fishing from sun up to sun down and mine is relaxing under the sun on the beach (or shopping). But it was fun to get have a peek into her world for 30 minutes, even if it was figuring out which flies would look best as earrings.



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5 responses to “My Mom, The Fly Fisherman

  1. Malia

    Awesome blog Kokes! Love the pictures and recaps of what’s going on in your world. xoxo

  2. Pat Lyle

    These are a little eerie…

  3. tina

    omg I love your mom!!!!! and your take on a fly fishing store- baha youre amazing!

  4. bighlilh

    I want hair accessories for Harper!

  5. sunstan

    Good one, Ha Ha Ha!

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