Fishing For Japan

This morning I woke up at 4:45AM (on a Sunday!) to go fishing in San Pedro with my mom, uncle and their fishing partner and friend Diane. My mom’s good friend Lucy Lean (she runs a super cute chef/food blog here) has been organizing these fun “Fish for Japan” fishing sessions where common folk like us are invited to fish alongside chefs from LA’s best restaurants (Providence, Cecconi’s,  Maison Giraud, Joan’s On Third, BLT Steak, Soho House, Fig, Library Bar, Manhattan Beach Post, and  the guys behind The Grilled Cheese Truck and Cheese Ball Truck). And they all bring food… incredible food (homemade quesadillas, burgers with sliced fresh truffle, grilled cheese sandwiches, Joan’s on Third famous brie and ham sandwiches, and hundreds of cookies). Unfortunately I was too busy eating to take any good food pictures, but have some great photos of me in action. And unfortunately as luck would have it, I was the only person on the boat to get sea sick (even though I put patches behind my ears!!!)…

The Four of Us Before

Sunrise from the dock

It took about 20 minutes to get out to sea from the dock and after some brief instruction on how to use the rods, we took up spots along the deck.

Holding Bait

We had fresh squid on our lines and dropped them almost 280 feet below the surface. My mom and I both caught fish almost instantly:

Mine on the left, hers on the right

These are Scorpaenidae (or Scorpion fish)- they are poisonous to the touch which was unfortunate for me since I wanted to get a good hold on the first fish I have EVER caught, but had to settle for this:

My First Catch

I caught another  Scorpaenidae quickly and then had another 2 hours until I got my last one.

The day was SO much fun, even if I only caught three fish and some people had bags filled with dozens:

 This is me looking at my catch:

There was a prize for the person who caught biggest fish… I didn’t get it, but the day was tons of fun with incredible food. Next time when we go out, I am going for the biggest fish prize (well… I was actively trying on this trip (my only child competitive nature came out quickly, just like my Aunt Pat’s), but next trip out I’ll have better luck). Now time for a nap and to cook the fish we caught (we got to keep it!).



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2 responses to “Fishing For Japan

  1. Malia

    LOVE the competitve Aunt Pat reference….. dead on.

    Glad you had fun. Sorry you got sick. I gave some Dramamine to your mom Friday which I carry with me. Next time give that a shot (but must be taken before you feel sick). Makes a world of difference. (And rumor has it that it may help with hangovers as well).

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