Girly Dopp Kits

I have always been jealous of Quincy’s army dopp kit, not only because camo is trendy (haha), but because it holds all of his stuff in one bag. When I travel I have about 4 separate LeSportSac pouches filled with different toiletries – one has jewelry, one has stuff for my hair, one for face stuff and the other with all my liquids for the plane. It’s always a bit ridiculous when we get to a hotel and my stuff takes up more than half of the sink. So I was really excited when I was reading the @luckymagazine twitter and saw a 50% off sale for dopp kits from Hammock and High Tea. How cute are these?!? (Also the website has SUPER cute other items in these patterns like pillows and napkins).

So cute!

I mean I figured if they were 50% off I might as well buy two for the price of one! And I couldn’t decide on the prints… So I guess I merely consolidated 4 mini dopp kits for 2 larger ones… but it’ll do. So excited to travel with these!



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3 responses to “Girly Dopp Kits

  1. Thank you for purchasing them, you chose two of my favorite prints 🙂 I hope they’ll see wonderful travels with you!

    • Karen,
      I truly LOVE them, they are so unique and gorgeous to look at. I will definitely be coming back to the site to order more goodies with your gorgeous prints!

  2. anjobanjo22

    Those are really cute!

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