A Surprise Treat and The Dogs Miss Q Too

Two weeekends ago my mom was up in San Francisco and went to dinner with my aunt and cousin who live there. Upon her arrival back home, she left this treat in my room:

My favorite coconut cupcake from Comforts! Comforts is this cute restaurant up in San Anselmo that I went to with my aunt maybe 10 years ago. The problem is that I  still dream about the cupcakes there. Thanks to Aunt Pat for creating this obsession and for feeding  my cupcake addiction.

Yup I took a bite before I took the photo, I couldn't wait

Yummy! Personally, I LOVE cupcakes, I would take a cupcake above cake/cookies/candy any day… I think there’s a reason I haven’t tried to make any cupcakes for the blog… honestly I would probably eat them all in one sitting. Dangerous.

Remember my post on deployment? Well I think the dogs really miss Quincy also…

Bentley wrapped in Quincy's woobie (Army blanket)

Shelby playing with the Army teddy bear

They even got to see Quincy when we Skyped the other day, although they were more confused than anything else since they didn’t really understand why they could hear him, but couldn’t smell or see him.



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6 responses to “A Surprise Treat and The Dogs Miss Q Too

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  2. Pat Lyle

    You need to come back to San Anselmo for another visit and we’ll go to Comforts and have Okasan Chicken followed by the coconut cupcakes!
    A. Pat

  3. anjobanjo22

    LOL is it sad that my daughter and I love the same camo blanket in the pictures? 🙂 It’s the hubby’s and it isn’t even supposed to be a blanket but we stole it from him when he first deployed and refuse to give it back 🙂

  4. tina

    that cupcake looks delish, i would take a bite too!

    are they better than the ones at jones?

    i’m sure they smell q on the blankie- so cute!!!

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