Sunday Farmers’ Market

My favorite thing to do on a Sunday morning is to go to the Hollywood Farmers’ Market with my mom. As long as I can remember we have gone to the market and picked out fresh produce for the week.


I can’t thank my mom enough for teaching me about fresh vegetables and fruit ever since I was a toddler. Our house is always fully stocked with farmers’ market fruit and vegetables and it makes it so easy to eat healthy.


I love talking through recipes and ideas with my mom, like “How should we cook these beans?” or “Why pick golden beets over red beets?” She is like a walking cook book, she has answers for everything.

Golden and Red Beets

There is something about food that looks like this that makes you hungry.


We stocked up on fruits and veggies and also picked up some peonies

And sunflowers

And a homemade tamale for lunch!



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5 responses to “Sunday Farmers’ Market

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  2. lauren underhill

    Beautiful pics Koko

  3. Those strawberries are CALLING to me! I need to hit up our farmers market still.

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