Care Packages Take 2

I was in that “I’m sad and lonely and feel bad for myself” mentality yesterday, so what did I do? Head to my happy place aka Target and stocked up on care package goodies for Q. When Q and I were talking yesterday, he said he thinks that I like buying and putting together care packages almost as much as he likes getting them… TRUE. There is something euphoric about packing the perfect care package box. It’s like fitting a bunch of puzzle pieces together (hmmm, no room for red vines, let’s put in some sunflower seeds instead). I definitely picked up enough goodies for 5-6 packages, excellent! PS Q if you are reading this, TURN AWAY NOW.

Some highlights of this care package run:

  • Fruit flavored gum and Jolly Ranchers (they chew lots of gum and jolly ranchers to stay awake on night missions)
  • Wet Ones (no showers for weeks at a time = lots of wet wipes)
  • Reisens (Q’s favorite candy, we will see if these hold up in the heat…)
  • Cereal Bars and Trail Mix/Granola bars (Q asked for healthy snacks, they have plenty of pop tarts, but nothing healthy to snack on)
  • Beef Jerky (since they don’t normally eat lunch, Q likes to eat this)
  • Tuna Mix, soups and protein bars (lunch)
  • M&Ms, animal cookies and candy (sweet treats… I couldn’t help myself)

And yes, it takes tons of discipline not to eat the snacks before I pack them away.



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2 responses to “Care Packages Take 2

  1. Stephanie

    I would like to requeset a care package for myself while I’m unemployed in Austin… just throwing that out there!

  2. tina

    this post made me so happy!

    you should start sending me care packages- haha jk !

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