Streak of Bad Luck

What is up with my luck this week? Yesterday I was putting on earrings to go out to dinner and one dropped on my carpet (yes this bright pink shag carpet). I bent over and it was GONE, seriously I have spent over an hour over the past two days looking and I can’t find it anywhere. How can it actually disappear?

Where is my second half?

I was so preoccupied with my lost earring that on my way out of the house I bumped my shin AND my arm on two different walls (seriously, I ran into walls). And then this morning while I was driving to work, I knocked my iphone into an open cup of water. Yup, in the water. Everything worked fine except I couldn’t hear when anyone spoke. Yes, this is a problem. So I did my research and dumped my phone in a bowl with rice for the whole morning. And guess what? I can hear again! It was still a ton of anxiety and I was just annoyed with myself all day for letting it happen since I was distracted.

Phone in the rice

So I tried to put this all behind me when I got home (even though it was all l I could think about). My mom is out of town again, so it was my turn to make dinner for dad and myself. I did have some help since my mom had made some chicken tortilla soup earlier in the week… so we had soup and fresh caprese salad.

Tortilla Soup


The salad was SUPER easy (mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, splash of olive oil, some salt and pepper and chopped basil). At least I didn’t screw up dinner right?

Here’s to hoping my luck changes tomorrow because I am not going to be happy if I lose or break another possession!


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One response to “Streak of Bad Luck

  1. Pat Lyle

    I lost one earring from Paris and it drove me NUTS for 2 weeks. Check your clothing, the pockets, sweater, bra…check it all. You’ll find it. Look under the bed, or areas far from where you think you dropped it. I KNOW you’ll find that earring.
    A. Pat
    PS I bumped my shin and now have a huge awee…is it the weather?

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