My Thoughts on Sunflower Seed Butter and Chia Seeds

Recently I have been reading a lot about Sunbutter (sunflower seed butter/spread) and Chia Seeds. My daily list of cooking/health/fitness blogs seem to love it. Some people make Sunflower Seed Butter granola, some add chia seeds to their daily oatmeal, so I was intrigued. What’s the big deal?

Sunbutter: Sunflower Seed Butter

What’s the Deal: The benefit of sunflower seed butter is that it is supposed to be a good alternative for other nut butters (almond, peanut, etc.). It has the same healthy fats as other nut butters and is packed with minerals. I went on Amazon to investigate all of the different brands. (I think Amazon is the best and worst place to shop. The best because they have everything and the worst because I can never help myself and always overdo it i.e. The “You May Like This” recommendation list usually ends up in my cart). They had all sorts of sunflower seed butter, but I ended up going with this once since it was recommended the most by other bloggers. Of course Amazon doesn’t just sell one jar of this stuff, they sell a pack of three. As I clicked “BUY” I heard my inner voice saying “you better like this stuff, it’s going to last a while.”

Consensus: It’s OK. Honestly I prefer almond butter. And if I’m going to switch out my peanut butter for anything, it’s probably not going to be this. It’s good, it tastes just like sunflower seeds (what did I expect right?), and if you have a nut allergy it’s the way to go.

How I ate it: After my healthy dinner last night, I of course wanted a treat and I wanted to dig right into this stuff to see what it was all about. So I grabbed a graham cracker and spread it on thick.

 But I figured if I was really having a treat then I needed some chocolate. So I added some nutella…

…yup, it was perfect. The mix of the sunflower seed taste and the hazelnut nutella was a winner. I will be adding this to the “healthy dessert” rotation I have going on (this rotation also includes nutella and cool whip on an apple as well as fro yo)… yes, I have a sweet tooth!

Chia Seeds

What’s the Deal: I’ve been seeing these little seeds pop up on almost every blog I read. So I figured there has to be something behind it, right? Right. Apparently they increase your energy, decrease appetite, are low in calories and high in Omega 3’s and protein. I went on Amazon to buy these too. I wanted to try them (like a small bag), but guess what? The smallest size that  Amazon carries is a 2 pound bag. I thought “What the heck? I already have three jars of sunflower seed butter coming anyways. Yup, just add this two pound bag to the cart.” Well let me tell you 2 pounds of seeds is a LOT of seeds.

Consensus: They honestly don’t taste like anything. I mean if you take down a whole handful (like I did since I was really trying to figure out how to describe the taste) then they sort of resemble poppy seeds. So bottom line, if they don’t taste like anything and they have all of these amazing health benefits you better believe I will be putting them on EVERYTHING (well at least my daily oatmeal.

How I Ate it: Put it on top of my oatmeal this morning. It changed the texture a bit (since there were hard seeds in my soft oatmeal), but still delicious.

Also topped my steel cut oats with raisins from the Farmer’s Market and some of the Sunbutter (I do have 3 jars to get through)…



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2 responses to “My Thoughts on Sunflower Seed Butter and Chia Seeds

  1. tina

    so for sunflower seed butter- put it on your oatmeal… i love it- BUT you’re right- i usually prefer almond or peanut, but it’s a nice change of pace sometimes! i also find like it’s a little more addicting (maybe less filling?)

    and on chia seeds- you should add chia seeds WHILE you’re cooking your oats- it makes them thicker- but not much taste. i also add them to my smoothies- it makes them thicker too!!!


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