Raincoast Crisps and Aged Gouda

I needed 3 of these today…

I haven’t been sleeping well, just having a lot of anxiety in general and Q’s been calling me late at night (10:15PM… yes I know I’m an old woman and that is late for me), so I just have been out of my usual sleep cycle. Hoping to catch up on LOTS of sleep this weekend!

We had a surprise appetizer tonight before dinner:

My mom stopped by Whole Foods (aka the best place on earth) and stocked up on goods to prepare this delicious snack for us to munch on before dinner. It’s Unle Kaas aged gouda (similar to an aged cheddar) on Raincoast Crisps (salty date and almond crackers). I am in LOVE with these Raincoast Crisps…not to worry I will be investigating these further! This combo tasted like heaven to me…I am truly my father’s daughter as he could eat cheese and crackers and nothing else for a week straight. Actually, I am pretty sure he did just that the last time my mom left town (he even snuck into my low fat Laughing Cow Cheese Wedges).

And for dinner we had roasted cauliflower (my favorite), baked yams and teriyaki chicken. I only ate half of my dinner since I accidentally filled up on the cheese and crackers…


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