What I Ate Wednesday Part 4

Like usual I’ve been counting down to this all week. Today I was work-free, so I got to sleep in (so nice!) and actually take my WIAW photos outside for once and not with my iPhone in the bad office lighting. And yes, I’m still obsessed with my new camera. It’s like the world looks different through a good lens.

Breakfast – 9:30AM

Since I made breakfast at home today, I made my steel cut oats on the stove with a half/half blend of almond milk and water. I topped them with some raspberries and Better’N Peanut Butter since I wanted to try and be “good” and not pour almond butter across like usual. I missed the almond butter (who am I kidding).

Post-Workout Snack – 1:00PM

I needed something quick after I left the gym since I knew I was going to be out and about all day, so I grabbed a banana protein smoothie from Earth Bar. Wow was that good, I slurped all $9 of it down immediately (yes, it is ridiculous to pay $9 for a smoothie I could make at home… but I was in a rush and I really wanted it. Like a lot.).

Lunch – 4:00PM

My day is all turned around, eating lunch at 4 is just weird and not normal! I made a quick open faced sandwich (double the toppings = double the yummy). I toasted 2 slices of pepper jack cheese onto an Oroweat sandwich thin and topped it with cilantro pesto, avocado and tomato. I added some turkey to one side only (wasn’t feeling the protein today). While I was snapping pics of my lunch, guess who showed up? Yup over in the far right corner would be a bee. But not to worry, I still ate the sandwich, couldn’t let that goodness go to waste.

Dinner – TBD

Since I ate lunch so late I’m not planning anything special for dinner. Right now I think I’m going to be snacking on some of these Raincoast Crisps I like so much and some Laughing Cow cheese. And maybe some cheerios. Like I said, I’m all turned around today!

Hope everyone’s weeks are going well! Tomorrow I have a blueberry banana bread recipe I’m just putting the finishing touches on!



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3 responses to “What I Ate Wednesday Part 4

  1. the world DOES looks so much better through a fab lens! I am dying trying to figure out my dslr! so much fun and sooo challenging! eep! ❤

    Happy WIAW gorgeous!

  2. tina

    sounds like a lovely day! 😉

    I searched found those rainforest crisps and was soooooo bummed to see they have wheat in them- they look so goof!!!


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