To Shower or Not to Shower

I know, I know, should I really be asking this question? But sometimes on Saturdays after our long walk, I kind of forget to shower. Well, it happens like this – 6 mile walk, breakfast, errands, nap, bake/cook, read my blogs, dinner, in bed at 10:30 when my mind clicks and says “Did I shower today?” During the week it’s obviously a no brainer since I shower at the gym right after I work out and before going to work. But sometimes on Saturdays, I just forget. AND I have all of these bath/shower goodies to entice me:

My favorite is the shampoo and conditioner I bought from the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs:

I also try and use this Neutrogena cleansing shampoo once a week (or more like once a month when I remember- it strips your hair so you have to limit use to once a week or so). When Q was last in town I noticed after about a week that this “use-once-a-week” shampoo was emptying out quickly. I asked him if he had been using it daily. And in true guy fashion he said “Ya, it’s the only thing that just said shampoo and not “deep clean” or “frizz control.”” I told him that it actually strips your hair…he said that his hair had been feeling a little dry…whoops. He also told me that when we move in together I really have to limit my shower goodies (whomp whomp).

In other news, I bought these AMAZING workout tanks from Target on Friday. I had seen a lot of bloggers talk about these Champion babydoll tanks and I’m hooked. They are so comfortable and cute and cheap!

(Please excuse my messy room)

I of course bought them in every color they had…

Obsessed. (Oh and to answer my question- today I DID shower…mainly because I was going out shopping and not showering when shopping is wrong.)



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2 responses to “To Shower or Not to Shower

  1. Jess

    The workout top looks super cute on you! I noticed at the gym but forgot to tell you. Think I need to hit Target soon.

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