What I Ate Wednesday Part 5

Wow, I can hardly believe it’s already been 5 weeks of What I Ate posts. How quickly time flies. Today I am posting food from yesterday since I know I am going to be out and about all day and probably will forget to take food pics. Enjoy!

Pre-Workout – 6:30AM

A carrot and ginger juice made from the best purchase ever, the Breville.

Breakfast – 9:30AM

Steel cut oats and chia seeds cooked on the stovetop with almond milk. Then topped with almond butter and raspberries.

Lunch – 1:00PM

Mezze Platter made with homemade hummus, cucumbers, tomatoes, baby carrots, lettuce and some pita (not pictured).

Snack – 4:00PM

Shrimp tacos from Loteria Grill at the Farmer’s Market. (I ate two, just didn’t take a pic!).

Dinner – 7:30PM

Grilled striped bass with grilled corn and Japanese eggplant. For the bass, we marinated it in olive oil and lemon juice along with assorted fresh herbs (thyme, basil, rosemary) and salt and pepper. We only had to pop it on the grill for 5 minutes since it was so thin. The Japanese Eggplant was grilled until tender and then topped with lime juice, soy sauce, shallots, ginger and a drop of canola oil.

Dessert – 8:30PM

One of my Frosted Sugar Cookies. YUMMY!



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6 responses to “What I Ate Wednesday Part 5

  1. I need that mezze platter in my life! ahhh gorgeous! I would plow though the tomatoes first! they are calling my name =)

    hooray for 5 weeks of WIAW!!!!! You’re a rockstar! ❤

  2. Your eats looks awesome and i love how bright and colourful that juice is!
    Nice to see someone else likes to take their food outside to photograph 🙂

  3. Wow your homemade hummus looks delish! I’m off to go check out the recipe! 🙂 I’ve been eating hummus like crazy these days!

    Your oats and chia seeds look tasty too 🙂 I’ve been forgetting to add chia seeds to my oats!

  4. YUM! Everything looks so delish. Especially that carrot ginger juice and your homemade hummus & veggie plate.

  5. Vegan til 4!! Love it 🙂 Your photography is drool worthy per usu. K, time you email me what camera to get. Juice and oatmeal I’m ready to jump through the screen for is clearly worth the investment. You’re such a profesh.

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