Deployment: My Heart Hurts Today

I took these photos at Q’s Ranger School graduation last August. After a day like today when the country suffers such a huge loss, I look at these photos and just pray for all of our men out there. Today made everything feel so much more real. My heart just hurts.

Q’s mom took this one of us. It was the first time we saw each other after 2 months of only speaking twice when he was in Ranger School. I look at it and remember this feeling of pure joy and know that I’m going to feel exactly like this when I get to see him again in a few months.



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3 responses to “Deployment: My Heart Hurts Today

  1. Heather Brittany

    Koko… I’m just finding your blog. Everything about this post takes my breath away. YOU are amazing. I’m so honored by all you do. and, btw, those flowers are the most beautiful EVER.

  2. Lily

    my favorite blog. this is so sweet xo

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