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I love to read. It’s sort of funny since  I was the last child in my grade in elementary school to learn to read. But ever since I can remember I’ve had a book on my nightstand. I used to read paperbacks and then moved to a kindle and then onto an iPad. I also listen to books on tape (don’t make fun of me, it helps pass the time while driving). So normally I am listening to one book and reading a different one on my iPad.

Baby Me - See That Book I'm Reaching For At The Bottom?

I recently finished reading two VERY different books. The first I LOVED. Pictures of You opens with a horrible car crash between two woman. Only one survives. The book intertwines the stories of the survivor of the crash and the husband and child of the woman who didn’t survive. It tears at your heart, yet makes you laugh and keeps you fully invested throughout every page. I couldn’t stop reading it. Beware, this is definitely a tear jerker.

The second book I read was Widow of the South, a civil war drama. I had read some mixed reviews about it and thought I would give it a try. I wanted to put it down after the first few chapters, but pushed through in hopes it would get better. It never did, what a disappointment. The characters never fully developed, I got lost in the storyline and never really felt any emotion throughout. I love a book that sucks you in so much that you actually feel something for the characters. Oh well, win some and lose some. Next up: The Hundred Secret Senses by Amy Tan.



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4 responses to “Recent Reads

  1. Baby you is adorable. I tried starting Widow of the South and couldn’t get into it. I’m glad to know I didn’t miss much.

  2. Pat Lyle

    One should always read naked.

  3. Thanks girl! Seriously Pictures of You was AMAZING!

  4. Jess

    I remember my Granny telling me about Widow and she didn’t like it either. I’ve been looking for a new book to read and you just made up my mind…I’ll be getting Pictures of You asap!

    And what a CUTE baby pic!

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