Justin’s Maple Almond Butter

Oh hello August Foodzie box, so good to see you. 

I was SO excited when I opened this month’s box because there were 4 packets of different Justin’s nut butters (honey peanut butter, classic peanut butter, maple almond butter, and chocolate hazelnut butter). I have been dying to try these out and I love how them come in individual packets (great for traveling).

This morning I cut open the maple almond butter (we all know how much I love my almond butter…) and put it all over my steel cut oats.

Man was this stuff good. There is something about homemade almond butter that makes it creamier and full of flavor. And it’s so fresh tasting! I can’t wait to try the other three flavors…especially the hazelnut butter since I’ve never had anything like that before!

This month’s Foodzie box also had a marshmallow crunch bar (aka a rice krispie treat that was realllly high in calories), two nut and herb bars (more my dad’s taste than mine), sweet potato chips, frozen hot chocolate from Serendipity’s and gourmet ketchup all of which I haven’t tried yet. I must say I am loving my monthly Foodzie surprises.

Tonight my girlfriends and I are doing a big potluck dinner, I’m in charge of dessert. I’m brain storming ideas now if anyone has suggestions…


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  1. so im way too late for this potluck…but smores bars are always a hit! im biased because smores are pretty much my favorite dessert ever! but i receive ongoing requests for them…here is the link…i don’t know how to do it all fancy like you do with the blue writing…http://www.myrecipes.com/recipe/smores-cookie-bars-50400000111869/
    ps: just confirmed my subscription for my own foodzie box…super excited!

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