Do You Think He Is Trying To Tell Me Something…

I got an email from Q this morning with the subject line “Good Reading.” When I opened the email I found this article:

Dealing With a Messy Deskmate (and Girlfriend)
Good Questions


Q: My girlfriend and I share a home office. Actually we share side by side desks and there lies the root of my problem. I’m a bit of a neat freak who likes a clean, uncluttered desk. On the other side of the desk is what could only be described as clutter-mageddon: everything she uses left dispersed and never put away. Do you have any recommendations of how to help my otherwise lovely lady a way to ease into the world of “putting things away”?

Do you think he is trying to tell me something?

Now I think this next picture may scare some of you…it scares me… and it’s not normally like this… but this is what is happening in my room right now:

But to give me credit- this is all after a trip to Target to fill up on more care package goodies for Q…so he really can’t get mad at me…

When Q moved in with me, I gave him that little brown table to put all of his clothes and worldly possessions on (I’m an only child remember? not good at sharing…). He never once complained and he still loved me when I couldn’t give him any drawer space, can you believe it?  He also loves me when I look like this after the gym…

I know, I know, I have a winner even if he thinks I’m a little bit messy…so Q, if you are reading this, I promise to work on being less messy for you and I appreciate your tact telling me that I should clean up a little bit.



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2 responses to “Do You Think He Is Trying To Tell Me Something…

  1. HA! I love this post! My H Is always on me about being messy! I am clean, but can easily let my desk and closet get messy! Too funny!

  2. Jess

    Ahahahaha! You two are so funny…

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