Deployment: 4 Months In

I can hardly believe we have reached the 4 month mark and Q will be home for his 2 weeks of R&R in 3 months. I miss him more everyday and am so happy to be 1/3 of the way done with this whole deployment thing :).(I know I’m not a wife yet, but this shirt shows my support for Q and I like it)

Feelings: I thought it would get easier and I would just get used to it, but it doesn’t unfortunately. I worry less as the time goes on which is always good, but as the deployment keeps going I am kind of getting sick of having Q gone. We were talking the other day and I just told him “I miss hanging out with you.” And that’s really the truth of it. I miss having someone to go to movies with, to be my date to weddings, to go out to dinner with and to just keep me company! I LOVE my girlfriends more than I can ever say, but sometimes I just want Q there.

Communication: We still usually get to talk twice a day and email all the time. It helps more than I can ever say. We try and Skype every few days so we can see each other which is really nice. I love seeing his face and his sunglasses tan (sorry babe I had to), it’s nice to just see each other and say I love you. I also have an app on my iPhone called Everyday and it reminds you to take a picture of your face everyday. It compiles all of your pictures and makes it into a slideshow, I have been doing this so that when Q gets back he can have a photo of me from everyday that he was gone (I’m cheesy I know).

Care Packages Sent So Far: 19 (approximately, I send one out every Monday. FYI, to send packages to Q, I always use the USPS APO boxes, they ship flat rate and it’s only $13 no matter how heavy it is).

Best Items Sent: new Nike running shoes (apparently they have a track at Q’s new COP), microwave popcorn (they have a microwave!), and lots of dog toys for NAFTA.

Cats at Q’s old COP

Best Part of Deployment (if I had to pick): Going to bed at 9PM if I want to and eating oatmeal or cheerios for dinner (but who are we kidding, I would definitely do these things if Q was here anyways).

Worst Part: Everything else!

(I tried to take a picture of us Skyping but it didn’t save on my computer (whomp whomp), so I took these pictures from Q and they will have to do).

Sometimes I’m pretty OK with the whole deployment thing since it is part of the package with dating Q and somedays I really hate it. Q let me know he isn’t able to call me for anywhere from a week to two weeks and I’m pretty bummed out about it. So today I think deployment really stinks, but am just taking it one day at a time and sticking to my routine. I’m really excited for this weekend since all of my college girlfriends are coming into town and we are having a big reunion.



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2 responses to “Deployment: 4 Months In

  1. Moo

    Excited to see you this weekend!

  2. tina

    you are so amazing and so strong! love you!

    have so much fun this weekend with the girls!!!!


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