Random Monday Thoughts

1. A food blogger doesn’t eat delicious and homemade food all the time. Example A: Trader Joe’s Pizza Margherita (and yes those are Ultimate Chip Cookies in the background)

But I couldn’t just eat it at like that, so I added some fresh basil and tomatoes, example B:

2. I got a haircut (it’s the same cut I get every 4 months), but how come you can never replicate the salon blow out when you get home?

3. Bentley slept like this last night, what a weirdo.

4. I debated not getting these for days since I thought that they may be too much leopard. But I have been dying for some loafers… so I took the plunge and I just love them!

5. And to all of my social media experts, this is what happens to a blog when Jessica Simpson retweets you on Twitter (up 3000%  in 24 hours, crazy right?!):

6. I promise, promise, promise a food related post tomorrow. I have been in the kitchen (I actually just put a turkey chili in the slow cooker) and have lots of other fun dishes coming up! In the meantime, I leave you with this cute pic:



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8 responses to “Random Monday Thoughts

  1. So I guess the real question is… how do you get yourself retweeted by Jessica Simpson? 😛 I love your haircut, by the way! I’m always a fan of sticking with a great cut. Trouble is my hair is curly so it always comes out different!

  2. OMG so many views!!! That’s huge huge huge …. AND your hair looks mayjah.

  3. Claus

    Omg I’ve had my eye on those shoes too!!!! Nice choice!

  4. tina

    ummm TOTALLY debated buying those yesterday too!!!! I already have a pair of j.crew leopard loafers, but LOVE those- totally agree never enough leopard- i bought a leopard watch strap, hah!

    AND i love the pic of your new hair… i love seeing your smiling face! 🙂


  5. I love your hair, so pretty! 🙂
    Thats awesome that Jessica Simpson retweeted you on twitter! 😀

  6. Love your loafers. Never will there be such thing as too much leopard because they are just awesome :)!

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