I Know I Promised A Recipe

For slow cooker turkey chili today… and I did write it up… but then it got dark, and flash on food photos is a big no no. So, this delicious recipe will have to wait until tomorrow, but here is a sneak peek in the meantime taken by my iPhone:

Also, I’m in a bad mood since Q and I haven’t talked for a week. Like I’ve said before, this whole deployment thing is a lot easier than I thought because we get to talk and email multiple times a day. So when I can’t talk to Q, especially for long periods of time, I get really sad. Like crying in the middle of the day while driving sad. Or crying when a random song that we like comes on the radio sad. The one time I didn’t cry was this weekend when my girlfriends and I stopped by his fraternity and found his composite photo on the wall. Composites are photos of all of the members of a fraternity or sorority and they are hung up in their houses. Our sorority has composites that go 10 years back on the walls and it’s so fun to see how everyone has changed.  I really love this one of Q, even though it’s blurry and it looks like I am pointing to the guy below him (whoops). I was also just really excited to have found it. Q and I were good friends in college, but I have a totally different look on this photo now that we are dating.

So tomorrow, I promise you a new recipe. I also promise that I will get out of this “I miss Q” funk that I am in and be chipper. But first I am going to go watch some more Friday Night Lights and feel bad for myself. And cuddle with Shelby and Bentley. And probably be asleep in 10 minutes! Night night!



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5 responses to “I Know I Promised A Recipe

  1. Claus

    Love that pic of you and Q’s composite 🙂

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  3. Don’t think holding on tears inside is a good thing. It’s like holding on to something toxic. Let the tears wipe away the pain. But then you have to say: enough already – and find something to be thankful about. There is always, always. Always something to be thankful about. And loosing a lot of time on what’s wrong is wasting time we could spend counting our blessings.
    That being said, I was once in a long distance relationship – although he worked in finances, so my worries were no where near yours, I even feel dumb bringing this up – and I did feel hollow most of the time. Like something was missing from deep inside me, and I felt like crying all the time. So, I guess in this sense I do get you. The food looks delicious. Must try it.

  4. I can’t wait to see your turkey chili recipe! We just got a slow cooker and I haven’t made anything in it yet. And, I can totally relate to how you feel when you don’t hear from Q for stretches of time. I was the same way! My mood would just drop when days would pass. But, I’m a huge fan of doing anything to treat or pamper yourself and crying at random times? Do it! I always felt better after shedding some tears. 🙂 Always remember that you are incredibly strong!!! 🙂

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