My Philosophy on Dining Out

My girlfriends and I have a weekly dinner date every Friday night. We love to eat good food, chat about our weeks and drink wine. Usually we will have a weekend brunch as well, again just a fun tradition where we all sit and chat. I have a few “rules” when it comes to eating out so that I don’t undo all good choices I made during the week.

Ashlee, me, Lily

1. Sharing is Caring –  I love a good pizza/pasta/fried calamari plate, and so do my friends. We usually get a pizza and pasta to share and I’ll get a salad on the side. This way I can indulge, but not overdo it. We also always share a dessert or two. It’s the best of both worlds since you get to try everything and aren’t stuck with one dish! Last night I went out with my girlfriend Eden to a favorite restaurant Prado. We ordered the chicken tostada to start and then the Caribbean sampler (banana boats, beans, rice, a tamale, chicken negro). We split everything and had enough room for a Crumbs cupcake… highly recommend the Elvis flavor.

Chicken Tostada

Carribbean Sampler

Crumbs cupcake

2. Prepare in Advance – I never arrive starving to dinner. I know this seems counterintuitive, but I eat a few bites a couple of hours before dinner. Sometimes an apple, or berries and Greek yogurt or a bite of a protein bar. If I don’t, I’ll chow down on the bread basket the minute I arrive. I also plan ahead the day that we are eating out. Knowing I am going to go to an indulgent dinner, I stick to the basics for breakfast and lunch (oats for bfast/ grilled chicken and salad for lunch). This way, I don’t feel guilty ordering whatever I want since I made good choices all day.

mmm bread

3. Take half to go – If we go somewhere that isn’t Italian (which is rare), and we aren’t all sharing our dishes, then I try and take half of my food to go. This limits portion control and best of all you get to have your delicious dinner for lunch the next day. I love when that happens.

not a lot left, but still delicious for an afternoon snack

Obviously there are times when I go off the game plan and eat an entire bowl of pasta by myself or 5 pieces of bread and dessert, but in general I think they are good principles that I try and stick to. I leave you with these two cute ones of me and Jess at brunch:


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  1. tina

    omg, how cute are you two?

    love you!!!

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