My mother, the marathoner

Q is a runner. I am not. I’ve never liked it, just not my thing. I used to swim in high school and have been going to spin classes for as long as I can remember and I love both those activities. I detest the pavement. There is just something masochistic about it. BUT, I decided that since I’ve been doing the same gym routine for such a long time (spin 4x a week, sculpt 2x and pilates 1x), that I should try and mix it up.

I couldn’t find a good running pic of either of us, so here is one of him teaching me to shoot guns (I was competitive with someone that shoots for a living…)

Q loves running, seriously he actually likes it. And he has keeps me that it would be so fun if we went jogging together. And I agree it could be another activity that we can enjoy with each other, but let it be known, I am competitive with Q, especially when it comes to working out. He says “I just worked out,” I say “What did you do?” He says “Arms and back” I say “No cardio?” He says “Not today” I answer “I went to spin…twice.” Yes it gets heated. I’ve really had to control myself with it since it is not a competition. But I decided that I will try to get into running and I should change up my gym routine, if only so I can be better and faster by the time he gets back.

Real life scorecard from when we played dominos and I was winning… the competition gets heated

Running is hard. It’s not that fun (or at least people tell me at the beginning it always sucks). But I bought some cool gear (my new Garmin 305 tracks my miles and makes me competitive with myself), new shoes (they look old now) and cool socks (who the heck pays $8 for a pair of socks?). And I’m really trying to get into it. I’ve been doing short 3.5 milers 3x a week just to get in the routine and break out of my 4x a week spinning one.

The thing about running is that 5 “quick” miles on the treadmill is not the same as 5 miles on the road. I could live on the treadmill, seriously, just pop on a movie on my iPad and the workout flies by. But be in my own thoughts for 30 minutes on the road, that is tough, even with amazing playlists.

I look like I’m having fun… I am not.

Another clincher that I should try running is that my mom was a marathon runner. She ran 12 marathons in the 80s before I was born. My grandfather used to run them when my mom was a child, so obviously it is in my genes right?

SO Q if you are reading this, the challenge is on. In 8 months, I will be here waiting to take that “friendly jog” with you…(totally joking… sort of).



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7 responses to “Running

  1. Malia

    Love the pics of Aunt Pen…. she hasn’t changed a bit!

  2. Malia

    Love the pics of Aunt Pen. Hasn’t changed a bit!

  3. Jess

    The competition between you and Q cracks me up…love the scorecard! LOL And I must say, Mama Penny is GORGEOUS! Not that anything has changed…she looks the same today! I’m jealous of your genes.

  4. Love those old pics of Penny! You can do it girl, talk to me if you need any help with the “Training” plan 🙂

  5. The only idea of running that appeal to me is the fact that I can be all in my head for that time. It does get addictive, yet I hate to work out . Period. HOWEVER, doing “stuff” outside doesn’t sound as working out to me. Just when I am in a gym. You seem pretty strong minded. I am sure you’ll find the pleasure in running. If your mum did marathons, unless you miss that gene, I am sure it’s in you. The persistent gene is there, so the step you must take doesn’t seem that long. The competition you have with Q sounds so cute =)

  6. Steph

    You are so cute!!! I suck at running so both you and Quincy could beat me and I hope that’s competition enough. Love you Ko!

  7. Pat Lyle

    Your Mom looks pretty.

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