Pan Am

All children grow up a little embarrassed of their parents (right?). I used to make my dad drop me off a half block away from my elementary school, I would jump out of the car as fast as possible and scurry in, not looking back. These days, I have my dad drop me at the front of a bar and I give him a big wave and say “Bye Dad!” How times change…

I never knew how cool my mom was until I grew up enough to realize it. She was a juror on a big trail (“The Hillside Strangler”), ran marathons and was a Pan Am flight attendant for 17 years (1968 – 1985) all before I was born.

She was on a plane that was highjacked, she served heads of countries, she flew around the world thousands of times. She used to fly when flying was still considered a luxury.

We recently stumbled upon a set of negatives from when she was flying. We got them developed over the weekend. I just love the photos.

I watched the show “Pan Am” this morning and was a little underwhelmed, but am giving it a chance. It seemed a little over-acted and didn’t grab me right away. And I so wanted it to.

But when I look at these photos I am so overwhelmed at how cool my mom was and is. And can’t believe she lived this life all before I was around (and I’m really upset she didn’t hold on to any of her old uniforms).



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6 responses to “Pan Am

  1. Jess

    Beautiful Penny, inside and out! 🙂 I LOVE those pics!

  2. tina

    LOVE THIS POST! and i love your mom, she’s so gorgeous! she must have amazing stories 😉

  3. Joanne

    Wow! I have always known how cool and wonderful your Mom is and now I have to add something else …. she looks exactly the same! Love her!

  4. Wow, those pictures look right out of a vintage film. I keep on going back and staring at them. How long was she an air-hostess for?

  5. What an amazing life she had. Thanks 4 sharing. =)

  6. Pat Lyle


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