Tangent Thursday

1. Remember that little Marc Jacobs cosmetic bag I hinted to Q that I wanted… well sometimes when your boyfriend is deployed and you feel sorry for yourself, you go online shopping at 11PM at night and use zero will power. And then before you know it your cart has 4 new items in it and you get an email saying “Order Confirmation…”

2. Sometimes letting two of the smallest dogs sleep with you can cause the worst night’s sleep. Sometimes they even wake you up 8-10 times per night scratching, barking and jumping on and off the bed. But you always forgive them and think the next night will be different.

Is that a stuffed animal? Weird, I wonder whose that is in the bed…

3. Sometimes all you want for dinner is a salad with walnuts, goat cheese and strawberries. And when you arrive home you realize you don’t have any strawberries…so you replace them with raspberries…and you are happily surprised. And mid-way through your salad you need something else…oh yes, a carb. And you heat up a bagel thin and slather it with Laughing Cow cheese. And dinner is served.

4. Sometimes it’s the night before a trip and you have no motivation to pack. And it doesn’t look like motivation is heading your way…

Doesn’t the black and white make it look more dramatic?

5. Sometimes you put your PJs on at 7:30PM and plan to be asleep by 9:30 because of said “dogs sleeping in bed” problem… no picture required for this one 🙂



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3 responses to “Tangent Thursday

  1. tina

    omg, love the purse- please tell me you got that too!!!!

  2. Jess

    Girrrl Cline and I were gonna get you that makeup bag for your birthday. :/ You’re in trouble!!! lol

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