What I Ate Wednesday Part 15

Isn’t it crazy that it is the middle of October and it was 85 degrees out today and we currently have the air conditioner running at 10PM? And yes, I know I live in Los Angeles and this is normal weather, but I was just getting used to wearing my boots and sweaters and now suddenly I am thrown back into shorts and tanks. In other news, I am really excited because my best girlfriend from college, Tina, is coming into town tomorrow for a quick 48 hour trip. We haven’t hung out since her wedding almost one year ago. She is vegan/gluten-free, so I am racking my brain for fun places to take her. Suggestions are welcome!

Me and Tina, September 2006

Since today is Wednesday, let’s get into my food for my weekly “What I Ate Wednesday” post:

Breakfast – 8:45AMCoach’s Oats with Almond Butter and Raspberries (the usual yumminess)

Lunch – 1:30PMFor lunch, my boss and I ordered from the Cheesecake Factory. I got the skinny chicken tacos. They were a little bland, but still good and I also got a side of chicken chili (unpictured since chili is not photogenic :)).For dessert, we got the oreo cheesecake… no explanation needed!

Dinner-  8:00PM I actually had dinner out with my best friend Ashlee at a wonderful restaurant called Marino’s, but failed to take pictures. Instead I wanted to share a meal we had earlier this week. My mom and I made salmon and “fried” rice in our rice cooker and served it alongside roasted eggplant. It was an amazingly easy meal from the cookbook, My Japanese Table and one we will definitely be making again.

I am so excited for Tina’s visit and to share with you the fun we have this weekend! Hope everyone is having a great week so far!



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6 responses to “What I Ate Wednesday Part 15

  1. Alexiasana

    the home cooked salmon and fried rice dinner looks delicious. please share the recipe!

  2. That cheesecake looks so yummy! I hear you on the hot weather. Florida was in the 70s for a few days (amazing) and now we’re back to the mid-80s. So ready for a change! Have fun with your bestie 🙂

  3. Tell Tina to read my blog!! Gluten-free foh lyfe. Where did you decide to take her?? I really think you will love Cafe Gratitude despite its all vegan menu. It’s beyond bomb. Want to hear full report wherev you end up obvs… love u!

    • tina

      OMG, first of all, ko, what an embarrassing photo!!! but i’m excited you mentioned me, obv!

      ummm and i totally do read your vegan GF! i added it to my reader from a link on koko’s blog awhile back! LOVE! i am mostly vegan, and also happen to be wheat intolerant, i love cafe gratitude in SF and am taking my sister there on monday! amazing!

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