A Hair Change

I am an extremely loyal person (very good news for Q). I go to the same restaurants, the same gym, the same nail salon for 15 years, and the same hair dresser for 10. I think this goes hand in hand with the fact that I  like having a routine. I just like the same things all the time, change scares me. Yesterday, while in New York, I had the opportunity to get highlights from one of the BEST colorists in NY (Rita Hazan), so how could I say no? I didn’t…but I sat with white knuckles and a pale face for 90 minutes while highlights were applied over the highlights I already had. I had a semi-freak out inside since this was a new person in a new place touching my hair and I was nervous…

yup, two blow dryers at once, nervous face.

My hair was in foils, rinsed out, blown out and… GORGEOUS beyond. I couldn’t believe how great it turned out, blonder highlights in all the right places. I sent photos to my friends and my mom for secondary approval and got answers like “WOW, this is great!” and “Is this the new Koko? I LOVE it.”

The new color!

So my trying new things and new places experiment was worth all of the white knuckles and anxiety. Although scary, occasionally trying something new really pays off!

And yes, I couldn’t stop taking pictures because I liked it so much. The highlights are subtle, yet are perfect for my coloring and face shape. And I don’t plan on washing out this blow out for at least 4 days (dry shampoo to the rescue!).



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6 responses to “A Hair Change

  1. Oh my word. Your hair is GORGEOUS. Jealously alert over here. 😉

  2. Claus

    Loooooooves it!!!!

  3. Beautiful color!! Don’t ya love having two peeps blow drying at once?… bobble head back and forth — yay for long hair!!

  4. Malia

    New hair, new birthday, new you! Very pretty!

  5. tina

    omg, love it- you look amazing!!!! 😉

  6. You look amazing Koko! Love the new “do”…

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