Lollihop Giveaway!

Hello Thursday, how quickly you are upon us! I am really excited today because I get to give away one of my newest indulgences: a Lollihop box!

Lollihop boxes are similar to the Tasting Boxes I always rave about. They each cost around $20 per month including shipping, but where Foodzie provides samples of interesting products (healthy or not), Lollihop creates boxes geared towards healthy living. Their boxes are filled with tons of healthy, organic, and nutritious snacks.

When I first read about Lollihop, I was hesitant to sign up since I was already signed up for a monthly “treat” box from Foodzie, but I was also intrigued since the focus on this box was geared more towards health, which is always a good thing.

When my first box was delivered, I was blown away. There are 3 times as many snacks in this box than I have ever received in my Foodzie one. My box came with a huge variety in goodies (dried fruit, chips, bars, teas, even hand sanitizer) that all went along with the monthly theme (November’s was “Immunity”). I am beyond impressed with their product!

And now, the best part… I am giving away a one month membership to Lollihop to one lucky winner! What do you have to do to enter?

Leave a comment below telling me what your favorite snack is by Sunday, November 6th at 9:00PM PST when I will pick a random winner! It is as easy as that. Good luck!



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34 responses to “Lollihop Giveaway!

  1. stacey novello

    My favorite snack is either pretzel chips or apple slices and peanut butter 🙂

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  3. Clarke

    koko….i mean lets be honest….I should say an apple because you know i love my apples, but what i really want is a cupcake or two. 🙂 Miss u!

  4. libby

    Dark Chocolate!!

  5. TJ’s Turkey Jerkey (addicting) or Sea Salt flavored Somersaults! Koko, if you haven’t tried these yet you need to!

  6. Jordan

    My favorite snacks are baby carrots with hummus and chips and salsa. I can never get enough lol. Awesome giveaway!

  7. I love hummus and celery for a snack its so so good.

  8. Malia

    Kokes, you have the healthiest snacking friends ever. I’m my mother’s daughter and enjoy anything chocolate as a treat, dessert, breakfast, pick me up, snack, any time of day.

    xoxo m

  9. Fave snack…almonds and Craisins!
    Or chips and guacamole!

  10. Audrey

    My current favorite snacks are kind bars. More specifically, the almond walnut macadamia + protein bar. yum!

  11. sarah

    My favorite snacks are clif bars! Well, second to fresh honeycrisp apples that is.

  12. My favorite snacks are toasted nori sheets. Weird I know. But crunchy, delicious and dare I say good for me?

  13. Akemi

    Boring, I know, but I really like carrot sticks. Sweet, crunchy and easy to eat while driving.

  14. Amber Shea @Almost Vegan

    Great giveaway!

    My favorite snack is either hummus or nut butter. Straight off the spoon! 😉

  15. Ryane

    I love (pretty much) anything cheese flavored. Cheeze-it’s are probably my biggest vice, lol

  16. LaRae

    I LOVE kind bars and Larabars. So good! But if I have time to prepare, hummus and veggies are good too 🙂

  17. I love homemade sweet potato chips! I make them all the time and I have friends showing up at the door to snack on them with me!

  18. Wow, great..since I know I can’t be in the competition (which makes me extremely sad since the package looks awesome) since I’m all the way across the ocean, I will just share my fave extra healthy snack…Nature addicts’ fruit candy! The most delicious, natural, healthy sweet thing there is (!

  19. Jess

    Love Terra Chips and rice cakes 🙂

  20. Rian

    Kind bars! I love them!

  21. Sue H.

    Anything with peanut butter – apple, celery, crackers. Yum!

  22. Quincy

    My favorite snack is your turkey sandwich in pita bread with pickles and pita puffs. PS can the winner of this contest live outside the US? Like say, Afghanistan?

  23. Ellen Gibbons

    Sunland Natural Peanut Butter-Creamy Raspberry Spread! It is delicious on two pieces of whole grain bread or on some celery! Lollihop sounds really interesting! I am seriously considering joining!

  24. Pat Lyle

    My favorite snack is a cup of coffee and a Snicker’s bar.
    A. Pat

  25. tina

    i’ll admit, my new obsession is the cool ranch kale chips…!

    i totally want to try lollihop!!!!!!


  26. Laura

    teriyaki turkey jerky from trader joe’s!

  27. Catherine Agnes Roebuck

    My favorite snack is corn chips with melted cheddar cheese!

  28. Peanut butter and apples! Apples are sweet and squishy, and peanut butter is … well … peanut butter. It speaks for itself, right? And I may eat most of the peanut butter just straight from the jar. But that’s beside the point. It’s intention, right!? 🙂

  29. Steph

    My new current snacking obsession is salami and mozzarella with balsamic vinegarette! Sometimes I throw tomatoes or basil on there for more flavor. I eat it all the time. Apparently TX brings out the meat/cheese obsession in me! (Sorry to all my vegan friends!!!)

  30. Claus

    My new thing is stove top popcorn! The pot when up in flames the first time I made it, but now I have the hang of it 🙂 add some tabasco/cholula and your good to go!

  31. Jess

    Currently obsessing over Pita chips and Tomato & Basil Hummus from Trader Joe’s!!! And when I say obsess, I mean I ate a bag in a day-and-a-half. Oops. 🙂

  32. I recently became obsessed with Smart Puffs from the makers of Pirate’s Booty. They are kind of addicting…but they are healthy too (in a snacky sort of way). I love how crunchy they are! The chessiness satisfies my craving for saltiness every time…now I want some!

  33. Erin Alexander

    My favorite snacks are your chocolate chip cookies with sea salt on top!

  34. Kristin Leffingwell

    My favorite snacks are Quaker White Cheddar Rice cakes. They are a great alternative to potato chips when I want a cheesy snack!

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