What I Ate Wednesday 20

Oh Wednesday, here you are again! The official 2.5 week countdown until Q’s arrival has begun (and yes I know I talk about it often, but for a countdown that started 8 months ago, 2.5 weeks is pocket change!). Today was a beautiful LA day and I was just sort of in a super good mood all day and super good food followed!

Breakfast – 9:30AM

Oats with almond butter and cinnamon with a side of raspberries and a Whole Foods Almond Milk Latte (my favorite ever).

Lunch – 12:30PM

I had a work lunch at Tavern in Brentwood and I am obsessed. This restaurant is gorgeous (the back room looks like a big green house). The food is so fresh and the menu is right up my alley (lots of salads, soups, sandwiches and a few burgers). I got the The Market Angeleno (Burrata, young broccoli, currants, and pinenuts on fresh ciabatta) and it was to die for. The burrata was creamy and the currants added a great sweetness to the dish. Other dishes at the table were the Turkey Burger and Farro, Tabouleh, Beets, Carrots, Chickpeas and Feta Salad. We ordered two chocolate chip cookies to-go (they offer a crispy and a chewy and they both were made with expensive chocolate and tasted amazing!). I would go back here over and over again if I lived on this side of town.

Dinner – 7:00PM

We pan-seared sea trout (half salmon, half trout) with a side of roasted squash and sauteed pea shoots.

Dessert- 7:45PM

Homemade vanilla bean ice cream with Valrhona chocolate nibs. (Homemade ice cream is such a treat!).



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5 responses to “What I Ate Wednesday 20

  1. Love homemade ice cream! yummmmm

  2. the Tavern looks like an amazing place! And that is such a cute ice cream wafer! Agreed:) homemade stuff are the best!

  3. Uhh all your orders at Tarvern look so good!! We all need to go there soon!

  4. Jess

    Stop posting all this good food after I’ve already eaten! Back to the kitchen I go…lol

  5. Jessica

    LOVE Tavern!!!

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