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Sunday Ramblings

1. I’m practicing my cookie baking for The First Annual Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap! I just signed up for this fun holiday cookie swap (send 3 dozen cookies to 3 different bloggers and receive 3 dozen from different bloggers back). Yup, I can’t wait. I’m in the process of deciding which cookies I am going to be making…

The Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap 2011

(I mean I just HAD to make another batch of the Best Chocolate Chip Cookies Ever to test them…)

2. I can’t believe at 4:45PM today the sky looked like this:

It takes me weeks to get used to Daylight Savings! (I’ve been ready for bed since 7:30…and have been in my PJs since 5).

3. In preparation for Q’s arrival in 3 weeks I’ve vowed to eat better, work out more and clean the heck out of my room. It took the majority of the day, but I successfully packed 3 bags of goodies for donations and now my closet looks like this:

(This is the after photo, the before one would have made you wince)

4. Going with that “work out more” philosophy, I am attempting to do the 1oo Push-Up Training Program. It’s a 6 week mini-challenge which has you practicing push-ups for 30 minutes a week based on your fitness level. I’ve never been great at push-ups and thought I would try it out…I’ll keep you posted how it goes.


5. Is it weird that I’m still wearing ghost socks a week after Halloween? (I obviously vote no).

6. And finally, the random winner of the Lollihop Giveaway is… Ellen Gibbons! Send me your address and I’ll get your delivery all set up!

Hope everyone had a great weekend. We just made risotto for dinner and I’m really excited to post that recipe up this week!


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A Visit From Tina

Tina and I were the best of friends in college (see shenanigans below). She moved to San Francisco and then back to her hometown of Chicago after school, making our girl hang time very rare. I was so excited that she was coming down to LA to be with me for a quick trip before she heads up to San Francisco for a work trip.

Tina and Koko College Memories:

Last night I picked Tina up from the airport, we grabbed a quick bite at Real Food Daily, caught up on the couch with some wine and then went to sleep to rest up for today. We woke up early and headed to Whole Foods for an almond milk latte (Tina turned me on to this new discovery and it is officially my new favorite drink).

Yes, we are both way cuter now then we were in college 🙂

We then decided to take a Physique 57 class. Tina teaches a similar (*but better*) class in Chicago called The Daily Method and  is opening up her own studio in December. If I lived in Chicago, I would be there everyday and not just because Tina is my bestie. I’ve never done a barre class before and was excited to try something new (and was also sort of embarrassed being next to someone as good as Tina). The Physique class was a mixture of weights, core work, ballet barre work and some cardio moves all in one. You definitely are never bored and I loved trying something new (and will hopefully be trying many more even though they cost $28 a class…).



Tina recently discovered she was allergic to wheat and dairy and was already a vegetarian, so she is now pretty much vegan. Thanks to a suggestion from my good friend Arielle (a great vegan blogger), I took Tina to Hugo’s for lunch since it has a great vegan selection. I got a massive lentil/brown rice wrap and Tina got a veggie burger, both were delicious (and not just in a vegan way…).

After lunch, we went to Target to stock up on some Halloween goodies for Q (and I accidentally stocked up on LOTS of care package supplies forgetting he is coming home to visit in 6 weeks and I shouldn’t be sending packages to him while he is home!). I then took Tina to my favorite Thai massage place, Thai Sabai, which was offering a spa week deal (a 90 minute massage for $50). When I left, I felt refreshed and stretched out. When Tina walked out she said she felt like someone hit her in the back with a hammer and she would be bruised for days… I told her that meant she needed it more than ever!

Post Massage (Tina = in pain, Me = happy as a clam):

We came home, showered and changed and headed to Magnolia for dinner with our college sorority sister Taylor. The last time I saw Taylor was 4 years ago when she graduated from college, but it honestly could have been yesterday. The three of us had such a good time catching up on each other’s lives and reminiscing about college (we all think it is crazy that I am dating Q, who belonged to a fraternity that was directly across the street from our sorority). We ended up staying at the restaurant for 4 hours!

We just got back and are settling in for our last day together tomorrow. Hope everyone had a great Friday!

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My mother, the marathoner

Q is a runner. I am not. I’ve never liked it, just not my thing. I used to swim in high school and have been going to spin classes for as long as I can remember and I love both those activities. I detest the pavement. There is just something masochistic about it. BUT, I decided that since I’ve been doing the same gym routine for such a long time (spin 4x a week, sculpt 2x and pilates 1x), that I should try and mix it up.

I couldn’t find a good running pic of either of us, so here is one of him teaching me to shoot guns (I was competitive with someone that shoots for a living…)

Q loves running, seriously he actually likes it. And he has keeps me that it would be so fun if we went jogging together. And I agree it could be another activity that we can enjoy with each other, but let it be known, I am competitive with Q, especially when it comes to working out. He says “I just worked out,” I say “What did you do?” He says “Arms and back” I say “No cardio?” He says “Not today” I answer “I went to spin…twice.” Yes it gets heated. I’ve really had to control myself with it since it is not a competition. But I decided that I will try to get into running and I should change up my gym routine, if only so I can be better and faster by the time he gets back.

Real life scorecard from when we played dominos and I was winning… the competition gets heated

Running is hard. It’s not that fun (or at least people tell me at the beginning it always sucks). But I bought some cool gear (my new Garmin 305 tracks my miles and makes me competitive with myself), new shoes (they look old now) and cool socks (who the heck pays $8 for a pair of socks?). And I’m really trying to get into it. I’ve been doing short 3.5 milers 3x a week just to get in the routine and break out of my 4x a week spinning one.

The thing about running is that 5 “quick” miles on the treadmill is not the same as 5 miles on the road. I could live on the treadmill, seriously, just pop on a movie on my iPad and the workout flies by. But be in my own thoughts for 30 minutes on the road, that is tough, even with amazing playlists.

I look like I’m having fun… I am not.

Another clincher that I should try running is that my mom was a marathon runner. She ran 12 marathons in the 80s before I was born. My grandfather used to run them when my mom was a child, so obviously it is in my genes right?

SO Q if you are reading this, the challenge is on. In 8 months, I will be here waiting to take that “friendly jog” with you…(totally joking… sort of).


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