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Raleigh Day 2

I woke up this morning in Raleigh and opened up my curtains and saw green trees for miles. One thing I dislike about LA is the lack of green, so this really made my morning. The fresh, crisp air was so nice to breath in!

For breakfast, I had a quick cup of coffee, some oats and a biscuit (when in the South right?).

And finally, yesterday’s travel outfit was one of my favorites:

(the dogs liked the outfit too)

The cashmere sweater was like a blanket on the plane and kept me warm. I was really excited to wear my new leopard print jeans. I was a little skeptical when I bought these (I mean leopard jeans?), but they actually work as a great neutral. I’ve had these cute little oxford shoes for a little while and wasn’t sure what to wear them with, so I was excited to finally be able to whip them out with this outfit. They are slip-ons, so easy for the airport.

Back to LA tonight!




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A Hair Change

I am an extremely loyal person (very good news for Q). I go to the same restaurants, the same gym, the same nail salon for 15 years, and the same hair dresser for 10. I think this goes hand in hand with the fact that I  like having a routine. I just like the same things all the time, change scares me. Yesterday, while in New York, I had the opportunity to get highlights from one of the BEST colorists in NY (Rita Hazan), so how could I say no? I didn’t…but I sat with white knuckles and a pale face for 90 minutes while highlights were applied over the highlights I already had. I had a semi-freak out inside since this was a new person in a new place touching my hair and I was nervous…

yup, two blow dryers at once, nervous face.

My hair was in foils, rinsed out, blown out and… GORGEOUS beyond. I couldn’t believe how great it turned out, blonder highlights in all the right places. I sent photos to my friends and my mom for secondary approval and got answers like “WOW, this is great!” and “Is this the new Koko? I LOVE it.”

The new color!

So my trying new things and new places experiment was worth all of the white knuckles and anxiety. Although scary, occasionally trying something new really pays off!

And yes, I couldn’t stop taking pictures because I liked it so much. The highlights are subtle, yet are perfect for my coloring and face shape. And I don’t plan on washing out this blow out for at least 4 days (dry shampoo to the rescue!).


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Currently Loving

1. My Marc Jacobs bag which I thought was going to be too big, but is just right for travel (it fits all the essentials plus an iPad).

2. HomelandI think it is the best new show on TV (and not just because it is military). Acting is superb, plot line keeps you guessing, just perfect. I am saving it on the TiVo for Q when he gets back since I know he is going to love it too.

3. Sweater weather and enjoying NY during the Fall: I love being just a little chilly, not Alaska -10 degrees chilly, but the perfect 55 degree cloudy NY day chilly.

4. My new Missoni for Target skirt – I was late to the game on buying up all the Missoni for Target goodies, so when I went 3 weeks after everything had been on sale and found this skirt in colors and a shape I would actually wear, it was fate.

5. Halloween cookies and candy – no explanation needed!

6. Finally finding a pillow that supports my neck. I recently switched from side sleeping to stomach sleeping and my neck has been killing me (ask anyone around me, my complaining was at an all time high). So I researched a little on Amazon and found the perfect one. (Q told me to go to Bed, Bath and Beyond, but who has the time… Amazon pulled through remarkably well). I am finally sleeping like a baby again and I love it.

You can’t hide that smile. I seriously love my new pillow so much that I took a picture with it. 


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Fashion: Travel Outfit

For travel days, my “go tos” are leggings, sandals and normally a comfy sweater. I like to be able to curl up in a ball and sleep on the plane if I want to. I also like to be able to take layers on and off depending on the temperature of the plane and the city I land in (no one likes getting off a plane and suddenly feel freezing). Today’s Travel Outfit:

  • Sweater: 360 Sweater
  • Shirt: LNA (can be any white short sleeve shirt or tank)
  • Leggings: LNA (the best leggings ever)
  • Shoes: Sam Edelman (on sale at Nordstrom’s)

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J Crew Strike 2

What is 25% off $1200…

Out of my budget.

Oh J. Crew ripping my heart in two.

PS Kate Spade is having a 30% off friends and family sale until Sunday. Code is Fall11FF. You are welcome.


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Typical Summer

Right when I thought we were saying goodbye to summer,this happened:

I can’t remember the last time it was 100 degrees, guess it’s not Fall just yet!  Speaking of hot, last night I was lucky enough to have two furry beasts sleep with me, unfortunately they slept like this:

It was like sleeping in a coffin, I had to sleep on my back in the sam position. And yes, I know they are small dogs, but as soon as I moved them, they moved right back!

For a delicious summer dinner we ate on the deck, it was SO nice to be outside at 8:30 and have the temperature be just right. We had:

Grilled Swordfish with Corn, Brown Rice and Seaweed Salad

Butter Lettuce Salad with Tomatoes and Burrata Cheese with a olive oil/balsamic vinaigrette

Fresh Fruit drizzled with chocolate balsamic (try it, delicious!)

Yesterday’s work outfit was the following (I’m trying to get better at self pics aka don’t look so serious!):

  • Top: Madewell (I’m obsessed)
  • Shorts: Levis (my go to shorts)
  • Shoes: Steve Madden (leopard print, a new buy, also obsessed with these)

I leave you with this purchase that I resisted buying (I still sort of regret it):

Marc Jacobs camo print… I sent an email to Q saying “Wouldn’t it be cute if we matched? (wink wink).” I have yet to get a response…


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Goodbye Summer

I cannot believe it is already Labor Day weekend- I feel like this summer has FLOWN by. I’ve sadly come to the conclusion that Fall is coming whether I like it or not. The first change from my Summer to Fall mindset was my manicure this week:

I am sort of obsessed with this color, Essie Power Clutch,  it’s a dark gray with a hint of green in it (hard to tell from these pictures, but it’s really pretty).

Had to have my toes match the hands! And another mark of the end of Summer is that I’m wearing all my white bottoms- shorts and pants. I really don’t believe in the “don’t wear white pants after Labor Day idea,” but I do think they are the epitome of summer, so why not wear them out more!

Last night’s outfit to go out for a friend’s birthday dinner (warning – two embarrassing self pics to come, I mean my face in this pic kills me!):

Outfit Breakdown:

  • Jacket: H&M
  • Shirt: Laugh Cry Repeat by AZFN (from a boutique in Seattle)
  • Jeans: J Brand
  • Shoes: Jessica Simpson “Prince” (the most comfortable shoes ever)
  • Bag: Tylie Malibu

And today’s outfit for shopping:

Outfit Breakdown:

To get excited for Fall I just popped two loafs of Pecan, Peanut Butter, Banana Bread in the oven… recipe to come tomorrow!

Are you excited for Fall to start or sad for Summer to end? I kinda feel both right now (and let’s be honest I live in LA and the seasons all sort of blend together anyways)…


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