What equipment do you use?

-I use a Canon Rebel XS and I recently purchased a Canon Rebel T1i. These are both DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) cameras. For my close food photography I like to use a 60 mm macro lens. I also use a 50 mm lens for everyday use (shooting people, portraits, when I go out and want to have the ability to shoot a lot of things). If I don’t have a camera with me, I use my iPhone which actually has a great camera.  

What do you use to edit your photos?

-I use iPhoto and occasionally use Adobe Photo Elements for lighting issues. For my photo collages, I use Picnik.com.

Have you ever taken any photography classes?

-Nope, unless you count a “Photography 101” class I took in 7th grade where I learned how to develop my own film (and unfortunately don’t remember a thing). Everything I learned was through trail and error and I am still learning everyday.


Do you try all of your recipes?

-Yes, I try everything I make (hence why you won’t see a lot of red meat, since I don’t love it). I don’t think you can be a great chef or baker if you don’t taste what you make!

What are your favorite things to make?

-Sweets! But I think that is because I love eating them so much. Cookies are probably my favorite or brownies. Cakes and cupcakes are a little more challenging with the whole frosting element.

Your mom is a chef, does she help you?

-Of course! I get my best ideas and posts from my mom and am so lucky to have her so close for any questions I may have. She helps me come up with ideas, with my cooking and my baking and always offers me helpful tips.

Have you ever been to culinary school?

-Not yet, but this is a longterm goal of mine.


-Your boyfriend is in the army, how do you do a long distance relationship while he is deployed?

Q and I have known each other since we were 15 and have had a long time to build a loving and lasting relationship. We only started dating 2 years ago, but had a great foundation before that. We get to talk one to two times a day and email which is way more than I ever imagined it would be. Our love has actually only grown stronger since he has been away.

-How is it dealing with deployment?

I’ve done a few posts on deployment which you can find here. But overall it is challenging, but only makes us both stronger.

Any more questions, just ask!


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