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Raleigh Day 2

I woke up this morning in Raleigh and opened up my curtains and saw green trees for miles. One thing I dislike about LA is the lack of green, so this really made my morning. The fresh, crisp air was so nice to breath in!

For breakfast, I had a quick cup of coffee, some oats and a biscuit (when in the South right?).

And finally, yesterday’s travel outfit was one of my favorites:

(the dogs liked the outfit too)

The cashmere sweater was like a blanket on the plane and kept me warm. I was really excited to wear my new leopard print jeans. I was a little skeptical when I bought these (I mean leopard jeans?), but they actually work as a great neutral. I’ve had these cute little oxford shoes for a little while and wasn’t sure what to wear them with, so I was excited to finally be able to whip them out with this outfit. They are slip-ons, so easy for the airport.

Back to LA tonight!




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J Crew Strike 2

What is 25% off $1200…

Out of my budget.

Oh J. Crew ripping my heart in two.

PS Kate Spade is having a 30% off friends and family sale until Sunday. Code is Fall11FF. You are welcome.


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J. Crew Why Do You Do This To Me?

Not Fair

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Goodbye Summer

I cannot believe it is already Labor Day weekend- I feel like this summer has FLOWN by. I’ve sadly come to the conclusion that Fall is coming whether I like it or not. The first change from my Summer to Fall mindset was my manicure this week:

I am sort of obsessed with this color, Essie Power Clutch,  it’s a dark gray with a hint of green in it (hard to tell from these pictures, but it’s really pretty).

Had to have my toes match the hands! And another mark of the end of Summer is that I’m wearing all my white bottoms- shorts and pants. I really don’t believe in the “don’t wear white pants after Labor Day idea,” but I do think they are the epitome of summer, so why not wear them out more!

Last night’s outfit to go out for a friend’s birthday dinner (warning – two embarrassing self pics to come, I mean my face in this pic kills me!):

Outfit Breakdown:

  • Jacket: H&M
  • Shirt: Laugh Cry Repeat by AZFN (from a boutique in Seattle)
  • Jeans: J Brand
  • Shoes: Jessica Simpson “Prince” (the most comfortable shoes ever)
  • Bag: Tylie Malibu

And today’s outfit for shopping:

Outfit Breakdown:

To get excited for Fall I just popped two loafs of Pecan, Peanut Butter, Banana Bread in the oven… recipe to come tomorrow!

Are you excited for Fall to start or sad for Summer to end? I kinda feel both right now (and let’s be honest I live in LA and the seasons all sort of blend together anyways)…


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Recent Purchases

I should not be trusted at The Grove alone. I went there for a specific item at Sur La Table and ended up with a new Anthropologie dress and J Crew bag. I actually prefer shopping on my own because no one is there to tell me no…I know, that’s a bad sign.

Anthropologie dress:

Please don’t judge me/the dress on my embarrassing self pic, but I couldn’t tell if I loved it just from the mirror and had to take a pic and send it to a girlfriend to approve. I think I’m going to shorten it a few inches and possibly put thin straps at the top. I have absolutely no occasion to wear it yet, but I know it will be a great addition to the closet.

J. Crew bag:


This picture doesn’t even do her justice (yes I am referring to my bag as a her). I went in looking for this purse that I saw on Elise’s blog and on Cardigan Junkie, but I was swayed to this hobo. I love that there are hand straps and a larger strap so you can throw it over your shoulder/across your front like a messenger when you don’t want to hold on to it. I’m the type of girl that carries one purse for 6 months with every outfit,  through every type of weather and on every trip. So I know I am going to get a lot of use out of this baby.

Happy Monday!


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