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Brunch at Luna Park

For our girlfriend Jess’s 27th birthday we decided to do a big bottomless mimosa brunch at Luna Park, an American restaurant on Wilshire Blvd and La Brea. We normally go to Luna Park for dinner, but none of us had ever been for brunch and thought it would be a fun spot.

The birthday girl:

Yes, she is a foot taller than me…

The girls:

Luna Park has delicious dinner food and a great brunch menu from chilaquiles to fried egg sandwiches to traditional breakfasts (think pancakes, bacon, and eggs). I had the fried egg sandwich without bacon (I know, how could I?), and it was just perfect. Not too greasy or salty and on slightly toasted Sourdough. The chilaquiles were great too and just spicy enough for my taste.

They also have  $13 bottomless mimosas and sangria as well as big Bloody Marys, which is a requirement for a birthday brunch. The restaurant puts cute little trinkets on each drink, a touch that I love.

For dessert, we brought in a blue velvet cake from one of our favorite bakeries/restaurants, Milk. And we decorated it with our drink trinkets. I highly recommend this blue velvet. It is basically a red velvet cake made with blue food dye and with frozen blueberries on top and in between the layers. Pretty much to die for.

Here’s the whole gang (minus Naomi) in our booth:

And this is what happens after too many bottomless mimosas and coffee:

Model poses in the valet lane.

Overall it was a perfect day with great company and a fun way to spend a birthday. We will now definitely be adding Luna Park to our usual brunch list. (And I’ll be full for a week from all the food!).



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