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What I Ate Wednesday Part 17

Hello from cloudy New York and Happy Wednesday!

Since I am on the go this week for work, food has been more carb and treat-heavy than I normally like it to be. But since I am indulging, I am enjoying every bite instead of feeling guilty (no point in beating yourself up after the fact).

Breakfast – 8:30AM

My breakfast was granola and greek yogurt (hooray for being different!), but I went through the morning thinking it was Thursday and totally did not snap a pic! So instead, a little breakfast collage of recent eats.

Lunch – 12:30PM

Lunch was at Fred’s (located inside Barney’s NY). I loved this menu – a huge selection of delicious salads (chopped, shrimp, tuna, etc.) and also a mix of great American food (chicken, pizza, fish, burgers, etc.). I got the Nice Guy pizza to share (sausage and red peppers) and the Palm Beach Shrimp Salad (shrimp, hearts of palm, avocado, tomato and hard boiled egg) for my main course. Both were delicious. The pizza is so fresh you can taste it and the salad was a great filling lunch and I loved the green goddess dressing they used.

Dinner – 7:30PM

I was starving by the time dinner rolled around, but was happy to go to Morandi, a restaurant I had wanted to try when I was in New York in July. It is rustic Italian cuisine and I thought the food was great although the restaurant was about a thousand degrees inside. I got the Insalata di caolini di Bruxelles (shaved raw Brussels sprouts with percorino & hazelnut dressing) and the Linguine alle vongole (pasta with clams, white wine & green garlic). Both were delicious, but the Brussels sprout salad was something truly unique that I had never had before- crunchy, nutty, light and refreshing. I would go back to this restaurant and order that salad over and over again.

Hope everyone is having a good week!



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New York and Good Friends

I had the best time this weekend  in New York with Ashlee and Liz, two of my oldest and closest friends. We’ve known each other since 7th grade and although Liz moved to New York, when we see each other it is like no time has passed. I managed to take some great photos (all of Ashlee), so this is more like “Ashlee’s Trip to NY” rather than “Koko’s Trip to NY:”

Ashlee in NY

Ashlee got in a couple of days before me, so when my red eye flight landed at 7AM I headed straight to Liz’s, took a quick nap and then met Ashlee and Liz for lunch at this cute place called Alexandra around the corner.


Liz had to go to work afterwards, so Ashlee and I had the day to do what we wanted… and we did…SHOPPING.

Hour 0

Hour 7

We shopped for 7.5 hours. Liz actually beat us home since we were gone for so long. We walked all over Soho and the West Village and stocked up on new shoes and clothes and necklaces. There is something about shopping on vacation that is dangerous…and Ashlee and I together are a terrible twosome. We actually talk each other INTO purchases instead of OUT of them (I bought a headband/turban… that’s for another post):


We  also ate AMAZING food the whole trip. My favorite meal was brunch at Barbuto, Jonathan Waxman’s restaurant.

Menu and Fresh Olives

I got the L’Uovo al Forno (creamed spinach, polenta, oven baked eggs and parmesan):


And Liz got the L’Uovo Pizza (oven baked eggs, salsa verde and pancetta):

Good thing I don’t live in NY… I would come here daily!

Ashlee and I also made time for dinner with our good friend Nia who Ashlee knows from College. We ate at Pulino’s (delicious Italian food).

Nia, Ashlee, Me (yes those are greens on my plate, not just pasta/pizza!)

And yes, if you are reading this and thinking all we did was shop and eat, you are correct.

I was sad to realize when I got home that I didn’t take any photos of me, Ashlee and Liz together. I guess I have to save something for the next trip!

Ashlee and Liz (2011)

The three of us slept a lot and ate a lot. We laughed and talked about when we were 15 and where we thought we were going to be. And what our goals were in life:

Liz and Me (2003)

Liz’s Goal: running a big movie studio (she’s on her way) ;

Me and Ashlee (2004)

Ashlee’s Goal: becoming a big fashion designer (she’s on her way);

Q, Me and the Pups (2010)

And my goal: working in entertainment and marrying Quincy! (this was the one that gave us the most laughs… but that’s a story for another post too!)

It’s so nice to be with old friends because they remind you of where you came from. And you realize that you will always be friends/sisters forever.


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New York Was Amazing

Can’t wait to share with everyone tomorrow. Just got home (1:30AM) and didn’t sleep a wink on the plane… probably because I was to busy reading “The Hunger Games” from start to finish and catching up on my magazines (whoops!). Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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No gym = Sluggish

I couldn’t make it to the gym this morning due to an early morning dentist appointment, and seriously needed 3 cups of these to keep me awake:

mmm french press coffee

(and yes that’s an US Weekly in the background… for work…) It’s so interesting how breaking a routine makes me feel tired. I guess the gym really gives me that extra boost of energy.

In other news…

Today my best friend Ashlee and I planned a trip to New York. Or rather Ashlee planned a trip to New York for work and I decided to join in and crash her trip. I am SO excited as I haven’t been to New York in over a year and a half! I used to go at least once every 3 months or so for work, but since changing jobs haven’t had a chance to go. We have so many friends there and it will be a nice little trip (and take my mind off of missing Q so much).

Very excited to trade these:

Flip Flops

For these:


And yes I know it is normally people wanting to trade rain boots for flip flops, but I am THAT excited to visit NY. (Special shout out to Quincy who bought me my blue rain boots for Christmas!)

Also, I’m in the middle of planning out what goodies I am going to cook/bake this weekend… My mom is back, so I will have to be a bit more daring as I have her to lean on when things get tricky (which is pretty much always- I mean who knew that you had to cream butter and sugar before adding any other ingredients when baking cookies…)


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