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Brunch at Luna Park

For our girlfriend Jess’s 27th birthday we decided to do a big bottomless mimosa brunch at Luna Park, an American restaurant on Wilshire Blvd and La Brea. We normally go to Luna Park for dinner, but none of us had ever been for brunch and thought it would be a fun spot.

The birthday girl:

Yes, she is a foot taller than me…

The girls:

Luna Park has delicious dinner food and a great brunch menu from chilaquiles to fried egg sandwiches to traditional breakfasts (think pancakes, bacon, and eggs). I had the fried egg sandwich without bacon (I know, how could I?), and it was just perfect. Not too greasy or salty and on slightly toasted Sourdough. The chilaquiles were great too and just spicy enough for my taste.

They also have  $13 bottomless mimosas and sangria as well as big Bloody Marys, which is a requirement for a birthday brunch. The restaurant puts cute little trinkets on each drink, a touch that I love.

For dessert, we brought in a blue velvet cake from one of our favorite bakeries/restaurants, Milk. And we decorated it with our drink trinkets. I highly recommend this blue velvet. It is basically a red velvet cake made with blue food dye and with frozen blueberries on top and in between the layers. Pretty much to die for.

Here’s the whole gang (minus Naomi) in our booth:

And this is what happens after too many bottomless mimosas and coffee:

Model poses in the valet lane.

Overall it was a perfect day with great company and a fun way to spend a birthday. We will now definitely be adding Luna Park to our usual brunch list. (And I’ll be full for a week from all the food!).



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Dinner at Locanda Veneta

Since I was out of town last weekend, the girls agreed to move our weekly dinner from Friday to Monday to accommodate me. They are the best. Since it was Dine LA week, we wanted to try somewhere new, so we chose Locanda Veneta, an intimate Italian restaurant on 3rd Street. Once we got there we actually all decided to order off the regular menu instead of the Dine LA special one (haha). The food was outstanding and we had a great time catching up, as always.

My outfit:

The gang:

Jess & Ashlee

Me & Lily

The Food:


Fresh bread and pesto

Clams in white wine sauce with garlic bread


Spaghetti Funghi e Gamberi (Spaghetti with mushrooms and shrimp)

The Special: Chilean sea bass with lentils and a salad

Spaghetti with Lentils e Pomodori al Forno (spaghetti with lentils, spinach, roasted tomatoes and garlic)

Confetti al Gorgonzola con Salsa di Tartufo (ravioli stuffed with gorgonzola cheese in white truffle and mushroom sauce)


Panna Cotta

Amaretto Cheesecake

The food was amazing, very authentic Italian and everyone was pleased with their choices. My favorite was Ashlee’s Spaghetti with Lentils… will definitely be ordering that next time! Oh and the Amaretto Cheesecake was INSANE. A must try!

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Dinner at Fig & Olive

This week is Restaurant Week in LA which means a ton of amazing restaurants are offering prix fix menus for great rates. Last night I went to one of my favorite LA restaurants, Fig & Olive, with my girlfriends Ally and Connie. Connie actually used to be (well I guess she still is) my little sis in my sorority at USC (we love each other).

Ally in a cute Missoni for Target shirt (jealous)

Me & Connie

We started with an olive oil sampler and bread (over there on the left), which was amazing. Then we had a plate of mixed crostini (fig and manchego cheese/ bresaola, goat cheese, black olive/ prosciutto, ricotta, fig/ mushroom, truffled artichoke/ crushed tomato, olive oil/ salmon, ricotta, citrus). They were all amazing and the perfect size so each of us could have a bite.

Appetizers- I got the zucchini carpaccio (zucchini with olive oil, parmesan and olive oil), It was delicious and light (great replacement to a salad). Ally had the Mushroom soup (up in the top of the picture) which was really rich, but good.

Connie had the carrot soup which was light and refreshing.

For main courses, I had my favorite dish at Fig & Olive, the Penne a la Funghi (al dente pasta with mushrooms in truffle oil and topped with parmesan). Something about those flavors just goes so well together, I am still dreaming about it!

Connie had the Grilled Steak Skewers and Cous Cous.

Ally had the Poulet Aux Legumes de Provence (chicken breast with veggies).

For dessert, we all got the Creme de Pot which was too die for. Homemade kit kat bars dipped in chocolate mousse and cream. This dessert was SO delicious and a perfect size (not too overwhelming). Overall, it was a great experience and a great night with friends.

Tonight I am off to another Restaurant Week dinner at Locanda Veneta, yum!


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Take a Bao

Today my mom and I went to the Century City Mall for some errands. We decided to have lunch in one of my favorite places ever…the Century City Mall food court. I’m not kidding, if you haven’t been to it yet, this mall has the best food court EVER. Seriously, they have everything from healthy (salads, wraps, sushi) to less healthy (Fuddrucker’s burgers, Baja Fresh, Panda Express). My mom and I decided to try a new place we had checked out on previous trips to the mall, but never tried called Take a Bao.

Bao is a classic asian steam, filled bun. This restaurant takes the bao dough and instead of making buns it rolls it flat and stuffs it with their own asian fillings making little bao tacos…AMAZING.

We had the sweet soy grilled tofu bao (glazed tofu, carmelized shitake mushrooms, marinated cucumbers, pea shoots and scallions).

And the spicy sesame citrus chicken bao (red chili & citrus glazed crispy chicken breast, pickled carrots, radish sprouts, scallions and sesame seeds.

They came with a side Napa cabbage salad, so crunchy and a great accompaniment to the bao buns.

 We  also shared the teriyaki chicken brown rice bowl (with sauteed chinese broccoli, caramelized shiitake mushrooms,  pickled vegetables, scallions and sesame seeds).

Overall, I loved the flavors and the modern twist on traditional bao. The fillings were delicious and the rice bowl was fresh and healthy. Highly recommended! Oh and I almost forgot we had a little dessert from here afterwards:

We couldn’t help ourselves!


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Dinner at Dominick’s

My girlfriends and I have a tradition of going out to dinner once a week. We love to sit around, eat great food, drink wine and talk. Each week our group varies- usually it’s 4 or 5 of us and as much as we try and be creative with our restaurant choices, we usually end up at the same ones over and over. Last night we ended up at Dominick’s– one of our favorite spots with it’s great outdoor seating, creative cocktails and delicious food.

They always seat us and bring warm sesame seed bread to the table. Delicious.

I wore my turban headband again, Ashlee was proud. I like the side bread with it and it had a double purpose by keeping my dry and dirty hair looking cute (it was a rat’s nest before I braided it).

Our girlfriends Erynn and Naomi joined us. Along with our friend Eden who I forget to snap a pic of (sorry E).

Cocktails were had. The strawberry margarita was the speciality drink of the night.

Naomi looking gorgeous as usual drinking her vino.

To start we got the Rice Balls (fried risotto balls with mozzarella cheese inside), but bad food blogger I forgot to take a picture. We also got this tomato and mozzarella spiedini. I loved how they arranged the mozzarella and crostini on a sprig of rosemary.

For our main course Ashlee and I shared the special of the night: sea bass marsala which came with polenta fries, but I was a bad food blogger again and I was so hungry I ate it before snapping a pic… it was great, the polenta fries were amazing and I have to try them. I’ve always wondered if it is actually better to order the specials or straight off the menu at a restaurant, anyone have an opinion?

One of the things I love most about my girlfriends is that we LOVE dessert. We never skimp when it comes to ordering. We got the chocolate panna cotta which was ok and the pistachio cake which was also mediocre, but not to worry we still managed to finish both desserts. Dominick’s makes amazing ricotta fritters, so next time I think we are sticking to those.

I leave you with this semi-awkward photo of me. Isn’t it always a little awkward asking someone to take a photo of you alone even if it is a close girlfriend? And I wish I could tuck that stray piece of hair back into my braid, oh well!


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Osteria Mozza

I had big expectations for this restaurant- Mario Batali and Nancy Silverton in one restaurant.


I couldn’t have been more pleased. We arrived 40 minutes late due to traffic from the westside and we were taken right to our table (a miracle at a trendy restaurant). The service was amazing and the food was incredible. We started with the mozzarella taster plate – three delicious pieces of cheese and warm garlic bread to put it on.

My dinner!

Then the Orecchiette with sausage & Swiss chard (picture above). The menu is here and everything looked insane. My mom got the Maccheroni alla Chitarra with Early Girl tomatoes & garlic breadcrumbs, so delicious. For dessert we had two yummy fried things (both tasted like doughnuts with sweet sauce). The bread was incredible , the portions were perfect, the wait staff couldn’t have been more helpful. I cannot WAIT to go back and try more of the menu. So worth it.

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