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A Saturday That Felt Like Sunday

Since I took yesterday off of work to show Tina around, I was totally thrown off today and thought it was Sunday all day. I am sort of excited to have an “extra” weekend day tomorrow to do all of my errands.

Outside of Whole Foods getting the second Almond Milk Latte of the weekend (thank you Tina for this new $4 addiction)

The day started with a baby shower for a girlfriend at The Ivy at the Shore (one of my all time favorite restaurants). There was a set menu with a few choices for starters and entrees. I went with two of my favorites- the caprese salad and the lobster ravioli, but was really debating the grilled veggie salad with chicken since I dream about that dish (so fresh and healthy). My choices were amazing, this restaurant never seems to disappoint!

Tina went to take a class at Pure Barre in Brentwood and then picked me up from the baby shower. Since she hadn’t eaten we stopped by Planet Raw, a raw food restaurant in Santa Monica, so she could grab some lunch… all I’m going to say is this restaurant is more of a “Tina” place than a “Koko” place although the coconut shake I had was delicious (and $15!).

I dropped Tina off at the airport and we promised to see each other again soon. I was going to go to her Dailey Method studio opening in December, but unfortunately that is when Q is here for his leave. Instead I am planning to head out in January to see her and attend a Breast Cancer event she is planning at the studio. After the airport, I came home and saw we had some browning bananas and popped some banana chocolate chip muffins in the oven. Recipe coming tomorrow!

I can’t believe Tina’s trip is already over. I loved this weekend not only because I got to spend time with Tina, but because I got to be a tourist in my own city. I tried new restaurants, new activities, new drinks. It was really fun to go outside of my box for a few days and the weekend really showed me that I should be doing it more often.



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