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Raleigh Day 2

I woke up this morning in Raleigh and opened up my curtains and saw green trees for miles. One thing I dislike about LA is the lack of green, so this really made my morning. The fresh, crisp air was so nice to breath in!

For breakfast, I had a quick cup of coffee, some oats and a biscuit (when in the South right?).

And finally, yesterday’s travel outfit was one of my favorites:

(the dogs liked the outfit too)

The cashmere sweater was like a blanket on the plane and kept me warm. I was really excited to wear my new leopard print jeans. I was a little skeptical when I bought these (I mean leopard jeans?), but they actually work as a great neutral. I’ve had these cute little oxford shoes for a little while and wasn’t sure what to wear them with, so I was excited to finally be able to whip them out with this outfit. They are slip-ons, so easy for the airport.

Back to LA tonight!




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Fashion: Travel Outfit

For travel days, my “go tos” are leggings, sandals and normally a comfy sweater. I like to be able to curl up in a ball and sleep on the plane if I want to. I also like to be able to take layers on and off depending on the temperature of the plane and the city I land in (no one likes getting off a plane and suddenly feel freezing). Today’s Travel Outfit:

  • Sweater: 360 Sweater
  • Shirt: LNA (can be any white short sleeve shirt or tank)
  • Leggings: LNA (the best leggings ever)
  • Shoes: Sam Edelman (on sale at Nordstrom’s)

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